How much can you benefit
from full Purchase-to-Pay?

Even the smallest of steps can have a dramatic increase on your bottom line.
In today’s increasingly connected business world, e-invoicing is quickly becoming a must-have for organizations of all sizes. It helps you cut costs, get paid faster, and collaborate easily with buyers and suppliers anywhere in the world. Smaller businesses are being attracted by the time and cost savings it delivers, and large companies and public bodies are keen to make it compulsory.

Just answer these five simple questions and we can give you an idea of which level you have reached – and the concrete benefits you can still achieve. We’ll help you get started on your road to full Purchase-to-Pay success.

1. What is your annual revenue?

2. What is your line of business?

3. How many invoices does your organization receive per year?

4. What is your FTE in AP?
FTE refers to full time employees.

5. Approximately what percentage of your total spend is under management by procurement?
Spend Under Management is defined as spend that is currently under the formal control or management of the procurement organization. Control can include aspects such as the use of structured negotiations (RFX, auctions), contract management practices, use of preferred suppliers, supplier development programs, spend analysis, and supplier performance analysis throughout the period of supply.

Result: You're an Emerging Company an Aligned Company a Networked Company an Agile Company

This is how your P2P process efficiency compares to best-in-class organizations:

Invoices per FTE:

Staggler Leader

Average time to process an invoice:

Staggler Leader

Cost of invoice transaction process:

Staggler Leader

Average cost of PO:

Staggler Leader

Average requisition-to-order process time:

Staggler Leader

Spend under management:

Staggler Leader

You could be described as an Emerging Company, and may have taken the first step by adopting e-invoicing, launching a chain reaction in process efficiency. If it hasn’t already, paper invoicing will soon disappear, followed by a rapid increase in spend visibility.

You could be described as an Aligned Company, which pushes its efficiency and control to new levels by, for example, bringing its procurement and accounts payable silos into sync with e-Procurement.

You could be described as a Networked Company. You probably employ a fully integrated sourcing model with full compliance, which increases spend under management with comprehensive travel and expenses management.

You could be described as an Agile Company, which represents the peak of operational efficiency. With near-perfect e-invoicing automation levels and full integration across key finance stakeholders, procurement performance is driven by KPIs and corporate strategy.

Companies on the first step of the P2P model have started their P2P process, but with the full P2P adaption there are still many benefits to be enjoyed.

Companies on the second step of the P2P model have improved their P2P process, but with full P2P adaptation there are still many benefits to be enjoyed.

Companies on the third step of the P2P model have made great strides in their P2P process, but there are still many benefits to be enjoyed by adopting full P2P.

Companies at the final step of the P2P model have reaped world-class performance results with full control of cash, cost, and capital. There may be room for slight improvements, but you still outperform most companies.

Step 1: Emerging Company characteristics

Step 2: Aligned Company characteristics

Step 3: Networked Company characteristics

Step 4: Agile Company characteristics

Invoices per FTE
Share of e-invoices
Days to process an invoice
X-way matching rate
Exception rate
Payments on time
Spend on LOB
Estimated spend based on industry average
Spend under management
Contract compliance
Maverick spend
Procurement cost (% of revenue)
Spend in catalogs
Requisition-to-order cycle time (days)

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